Our Story

Greetings From Teachers is a company that is dedicated to acknowledging and strengthening the strong bond that exists among teachers and students. Because we are a company created by teachers and for teachers, we are well aware of the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of our students. Seeing children experience growth as well as confront challenges, teachers can connect with students and let them know their actions or concerns do not go unnoticed. Therefore, we encourage you to extend the warmest of greetings and acknOWLedge your students one card at a time.


About the Founder

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christine Abajian has been teaching high school Social Studies in Long Island, New York since 2003.  

As an educator, mentor and scholar, she has dedicated herself to improving student academic performance and behavior through positive reinforcement and increased human connection.


Christine learned early on in her teaching career that improving student performance is not based solely on the newest teaching pedagogues or most current technology; instead, success and fulfillment in the classroom are often the result of relationships formed between an aware and empathetic teacher, and students who know their teacher values, efforts, and understands their daily ups and downs. Young students, teens and adolescents recognize the efforts of a teacher who connects with them; in fact, when students know their teacher cares about them, they will rise to the occasion because they possess confidence, and they often do not want to disappoint their teacher!  Moreover, teacher connection with students cultivates an environment where students are more open about their thoughts and more willing to ask for help. Greetings From Teachers is a simple idea, and at the same time, an important one. The creation of a greeting card line for teachers to recognize students is a valuable way to express concern for and appreciation of their pupils.


Teachers, remember you may be the only one in your students’ lives who acknowledges their presence and shows concern for their well-being. Leave a lasting impression with your students. Be the teacher who inspired you to be a teacher.